Kitchen Storage Rack Spice Box

Kitchen Storage Rack Spice Box - Value For you PH

Kitchen Storage Rack Spice Box

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High quality material , this will complement on most home decor, elegant appearance, durable and suitable for household use.Is an essential part of your family life. With flip up lid and a spoon notch design, easy to get , prevent wet and dust. Allows customer with a one handed operation, no need to set lid on counter while using it, never lost the cover.

Keep your foods fresh with our very easy to use airtight lid-lock mechanism. No dealing with flimsy pumps. Keep your food fresh forever,A practical kitchen product to keeps your spice fresh,odor-free and prevent the ash,make cooking more enjoyable.

This condiment jar is easy to clean, It would be a great housewarming gift. Works on home, coffee bar, hotel, buffet for storing sugar, pepper, spice, etc.

Product description

  • Color:Blue,White, Red
  • Name: Kitchen storage box

  • Material: ABS+PC impact resistant material

  • Scope: kitchen